Red n’ Orange Vibing : Step by Step

Hello you,

YAY I’M BACK WITH A STEP BY STEP WITH PICTURES! I am trying so hard to get away from browns & golds. That shit is an addiction, for real.

I’m not a massive fan of this eyelook as the Red Ochre looks more orangey than red in the photos? Baffled. Just a lil bit fucking annoying. But we’ll work an orange vibe. It’s cool.

Lets get into it..

So I did my brows – carved them out & primed my face.

I pulled down Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Light onto the lid from carving out my brow. Set this with Maybelline Matte Maker in Ivory.

Nice clean base to work with. Which is exactly what you want. Off topic but why can I never take good fucking eye pictures – my phone camera’s so shit man.

Taking ABH Modern Renaissance palettemy bae. Burnt Orange in the crease to give us a nice transition shade that’s easy to work with and blendable with other harsher shades. RT Duo Fiber eye brush OBVS.

Same palette taking Red Ochre on a pencil brush in the outer C & my Morphe 505 to blend it into the crease.

BETTER ON MY FRONT CAMERA AIN’T IT! Atleast I know for next time. I took my Morphe Copper Spice palette in a few of the dark brown shades. And as you can see, started to build that up on the very outer corner of the eye.

I should of left it here, I won’t lie. It should of been finished off from here but no i continued.

Carved the lid out with the same concealer & set with the same powder. Then popped Primavera on top – just doesn’t look fab in my opinion. You live and you learn.

Also dont worry about the mess on the outer of the eye from blending. It’ll clean up with your concealer later when you blend it out.

I added a half moon of eyeliner & lashes. Then finished off the face and wallah. An easy step by step that’s easy to achieve.

Eyeshadow looks more red here! 

ALSO I didn’t get any good pictures because I was late getting ready and had to go out. So sorry for the lack of end result pictures.

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