‘If you were stranded on an Deserted Island with THREE Makeup Products…’

Hello you,
Another different blog post today. Ideas just spring to mind – I’m sure this has been done before though.

So what 3 makeup items would you take on a deserted island? Comment down below, I’d love to know what you can’t survive without!

Lets get on with it!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit in LightMedium

Ok so I dont even need the whole contour kit because the rest of it is TRASH. (I bought this before they changed the formula & never used it because it’s shit). HOWEVER, this cream illuminator I’m pointing at. H O L Y  F U C K. It makes my Oily ass skin look dewy and not greasy. It looks good under foundation, on top of foundation, as a highlighter & on it’s own. 

I use this every motherfucking day and I praise the lord for making me try it before tossing it out. This is absolutely everything and I MAAAAAY BE ON A DESERT ISLAND BUT YOU GONN’ SEE THE GLOW ON MY FACE.. FROM SPACE, BITCH.

Kat Von D Lock It foundation in Light 44 :

So many people have mixed reviews on this and I bought it a while back so the formula may of changed now but girrrrrlllllll this foundation is absolutely everything. Seriously. Might be Matte finish but mixed with Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco & the illuminator from ABH Contour Kit above – DEWY GLOWING GODDESS. Trusst. Deffo taking this baby with me, might get a darker shade if I’m gonna be tanning on the island. You knnnnnow.

Also I love wearing just glow, foundation & brows… which brings us to the last product for the deserted island.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown :

(Nice blurry picture chlo, 10/10 blogger)

Even though I feel like I’m getting worse and worse at doing my brows – I CANT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT PUTTING PRODUCT THROUGH THEM. How mad is that? Literally 5 years ago nobody touched their brows, monobrow galore. Or if you were unlucky you were in the over plucking generation. No to that.

This pot of goodness has lasted me ages and I love it. Perfect colour, doesn’t dry up, nice consistency, not lumpy. Bit expensive – I wont lie so if you know a dupe – hook ya girl up. I also want to try an eyebrow pencil so comment below suggestions!

That’s it from me folks – I’m sorry about the chaotic order of my blog posts recently. Life’s just busy. Be back to normal soon and I’ll go back to step by step with pictures, as I’ve had requests!

Thanks for reading,



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