“What Makeup did you get for your Birthday?”

Hello you,

I know, I know “Sunday’s are step by steps?!”. But your girl hasn’t done any looks so I’m showing you the makeup I got for my birthday instead! I hope that’s ok.

Also I’m super busy for the next few weeks so I’ll try to post Sundays but wednesdays are out of the question – I’ll make it up to you! Bigger things are coming.

Morphe 600 12 piece Sable Brush Set – I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t be bothered to take them out of my freelance kit to take a photo so I screenshotted it off the Beauty Bay website. All of them are such good quality and so good. The bristles have a little fall out sometimes – especially the bigger ones. Definitely amazing brushes and super soft too.

Zoeva 312 Detail Liner brush & Zoeva 137 Petit Fan Brush – YES TO THESE BRUSHES. The fan brush is so fucking cute I can’t even cope with it. It’s adorable. The detail brush is amazing for brows. HOWEVER it came with a protective cover on it, so I used the brush twice and put the cover back on. Then went to use it again, pulled the cover off and THE TOP OF THE BRUSH SNAPPED OFF?! I was fuming. Absolutely gutted. But I glued it back together so it’s ok, how annoying though. Thought they’d be less brittle to say they’re not cheap. I wasnt even rough with it either!

Morphe Copper Spice Palette – Holy fuck. My new favourite ever palette it’s so pigmented it’s absolutely amazing. I’m a sucker for browns and coppers and glitters. So this is absolutely unreal. My new fav – sorry Modern Renaissance.

Milani Amore Lip Creme in 10 Adorable, 35 Attraction & 38 Stunning – MILANI ARE RUNNING THE MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK GAME. Honestly, truly. I can eat a nandos,  sunday dinner or mcdonalds and this shit IS NOT moving. These shades are bomb too. Completely in love.

Tarte shape tape concealer in Light with beauty blender – This concealer is amazing. It’s so thick and creamy and blendable. Collection Lasting Perfection is definitely a dupe because this is on the pricey side. But it works super well on heavy bags & majority of skin types.

Super grateful for allllll the presents I got & I had a wicked birthday. Even if being 20 is gross.

Thanks for reading,



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