NEW Products : Review

Hello you,

I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS. I am shoooook. A blog post is coming soon & possibly a small giveaway.. mhmm girl mhmm.

BACK AGAIN with another product review. Ya girl went a bit mad shopping.

Lets jump straight on into it..

Primarks PS Silver Ice Holographic Lip Gloss –

So first off this isn’t Holographic? In the slightest? I’m confused? It’s legit got no reflecting off it whatsoever. But ok. I think I’ll use it when I want something clear and plain on the lips. Other than that, I’m alright. I’ll pass.

Miss Sporty Precious 3D Shine Lip gloss –

Yesssssss to this. I know you’re probably thinking “it’s just a clear lip gloss” but do you even know how hard they are to find in drugstores. A joke. Makes all my fav matte lipsticks nice and glossy and beaut.

Primarks PS Matte long lasting lipstick – 

Like I said last wednesday, this doesn’t have a name so I named it Dusty Rose. Creative bitch over heeeeere. Its so pigmented and creamy. It sits on the lips well. Its a decent nude colour. Not too pink not too brown. Yes. Just Yes. 

Also lol at my legs making an appearance.

Primarks PS Strobing Highlighter Cream in Pearl –

One of my fav ever products honestly. It’s such a beautiful colour. It’s SO glowy and so pretty. I’m going to smother my legs and chest in it for this weekend, watch me glow.

Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte Translucent powder –

This product is a meh sort of product. No powder will beat Airspun for me but this one is just like a standard transulcent powder. For those babies who can’t afford high end powders like Laura Mercier I’d go for Airspun over this.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in Ivory –

Ok so I wanted to try a drug store foundation that wasn’t matte finish and was just to throw on for work over using Kat Von D and Nars because your girl isn’t made of money. This one actually is good! It smells SO chemically but if you ignore that, the coverage is good. Skin still looks like skin, its dewy. Yes tbf. Yes to that.

MUA custom colour foundation mixer in lightening warm & deepening medium –

Bit more of a client product now. But these are for deepening/lightening foundations to get the perfect match. I actually really like them! They work well, they don’t seperate the foundation. They blend in easily and they were £4 each I think. I wanted to try mixers and I think I’ll buy some more high end ones now  I know they work!

That’s done then babies. Part 2 of my product review complete. Also just want to say I had an amazing birthday & thanks to to all the wished me well.

Just under 3 months and I’ve been blogging for a whole year! Madness.

Thanks for reading,



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