Brown eye with RED under eye smokes!

Hello you,

Ok so you’re going to have to bare with fuck with me as the pictures ain’t doing that red undersmoke justice. Typical.

Yaaaaas. I’m back – even though technically I haven’t really been away but I haven’t wrote a decent blog post for 2 weeks as I prewrote the past 3! I was a busy lil bee. How have you all been? I missed this!

Although I’ve been uninspired as of lately, I love blog writing too much to give it up. So HERE I AM STILL.

Lets get on with it..

First things first carve out your brows, prime your eyelid and then come back to me.

You done? Good.

Take your Duo fiber RT eye brush, dip it into ABH Modern Renaissance Palette in Warm Taupe. Into the crease, building it up harshly. But keep it in a circle at the end of the eye rather than dragging it out.

Makeup Revolutions Salted Caramel Palette in Dark Brown & Black. Building those up in the inner corner towards the middle of the lid and the outer corner towards to lid. I used the QC MUA pencil brush to do so. Blending out with my fav Morphe 505.

Lil tip: Go back in with the crease colour & brush to blend colours seamlessly.. is that a word? Lol fuck off.

Then we’re grabbing our Maybelline Master Ink liquid eyeliner in Matte and draw yourself a BIG wing. The more extra the better.

Add lashes – I forget which these ones are as they were just on the side. Either eyelure or poundworld! Those lashes be flames so dont judge.

Go do your face then come back.

Taking Benefit They’re Real mascara, coat the top lashes. Honestly truly this mascara is bomb.

Taking ABH Modern Renaissance Palette in Red Ochre, whack it on the bottom lash line. Smoke it out. Be extra. Go mental. Why not.

Then add mascara to the bottom lashes.


How peng does this look, look. I feel like most people don’t talk like such a dickhead in their blogs but I’m sorry, that’s just me.


6 photos of me too much?? Dont caaaaare.

More importantly – Love Island – howww addicted are you on a scale of.. 1 to its all I talk/think about. Because ME TOO. 

Thanks for reading,



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