NEW Product Review

Hello you,

I recently filled up my Makeup Kit as I’m now FREELANCE! Check out my Facebook page by clicking here. Cheap prices for professional work, in and around York.

Anyway, I have new products to review for you!

Let’s jump straight into it..

B. Sculpted Contour Kit in Medium. The Superdrug own brand I believe.

One thing I will say – bit too orange toned. It’s good when wearing fake tan because it almost counteracts the orange undertone in it.

Overall good and easy to blend. Use more as a bronzer than a contour powder.

Makeup Revolutions Oil Control fixing spray.

So I RATE this. From one Oily gyal to another, it’s actually good as a setting spray and it does genuinely help to prevent my oil coming through on my nose & forehead. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Mixing palette for foundations & lipsticks etc.

Not a product really but I’m in love. It’s so convenient when wanting to mix colours. Yasss to it. Don’t know how I survived without one.

Primark Stay all day Gel eyeliner.

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. It’s creamy and easy to apply. It doesn’t dry out. Its actually BLACK and dries black. Yes to that.

Honestly go give it a try! Comes with a little brush as well in the top so go grab yourself some and let me know how you get on.

Another Primark product! White & Nude Eyeliner pencils.

I think these were £2. Theyre so rich and colour pay off is fab. They’re great for drawing in the water & tight line.

Poundworld Single & Ready to Mingle Lashes.

Naaaah honestly. These are so sick. They stick well, feel good quality. No minks hurt. And they are ONE POUND. What more could you ask for?!

I’ve actually got lots more products to review but I’m doing to do another one in a few weeks so I’ll be back with another review post soon!

Thanks for reading,



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