Top Tips when doing Makeup on clients.

Hello you,

YAAAY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Ain’t July just the best month in the year. As I said, ya girl had prom clients so I havent posted for the past 2 Wednesdays. Have you missed me? Lol ofc you have.

This post actually isn’t a step by step for the simple fact I’ve been mega busy & rushing around like a headless chicken doing Prom trials & pron makeup whilst balancing working overtime and everything else, madness. So I didn’t have time to sit and beat my face, your gyal has barely had time for a shower lol.

New looks are coming real soon, I promise! I have so many ideas, my notes are bursting.

But for now I thought I’d share a couple of tops when doing makeup on other people – tips that I’ve learnt over the past few months.

1- Skin type

One of the most important things is to know what skin type your client has. Dry? Oily? Combination? Normal? Most clients will know what skin they have but some will not.

Focus on the forehead and cheeks – if they look shiny or greasy, they’re oily.

If their skin feels dry and looks flaky -they’re dry.

Get me?

2- Use Disposables 

This is super important – DO NOT DOUBLE DIP AN APPLICATOR. So this applies to mascara and eyeliner and lip creme’s. Any makeup product that comes with an applicator – cut it off. Don’t use it. Buy disposables, use them once and then throw them away.

Stops germs and any infections from occuring.

3- Awareness of body contact

It’s so easy to lean your hand wherever when blending eyeshadow or applying lipstick. Don’t be resting your arm on them, where possible. Nine times out of ten, this is a stranger, so don’t touch them when you’re already in their personal space enough.

4- Natural Lighting

Trust me on this one. Do your clients makeup in front of a window, it shows up everything and gives you a realistic view of how the makeup will look outside in the daylight. Having artificial light brings a filter over the makeup which is not what you want.

5- Allergies?

Make sure you ask your client whether they have any allergies to makeup or any allergies whatsoever. Just to be clear that nothing is going to set that allergy off.

6- Your Makeup Kit

Whilst starting out you’re not going to have everything you need. It costs money and when you’re paying for it yourself – it’s expensive. Google ” what do I need for my makeup kit” and get the essentials.

Your work speaks more than the products you use. Drugstore foundations are fine whilst you’re establishing yourself.

7- Your attitude

Not being friendly and happy is going to drive clients away. If you can’t have a positive attitude and enjoy your job then you shouldn’t be doing it.

And that’s all!

Thank you for being so patient and understanding with the lack of blog posts.

Have an amazing Sunday, I’ll see you Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,



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