My Go to / Everyday Face

Hello you,

Welcome to another Sunday Blog post – I hope you’re not getting bored of me.

Today’s a step by step on my Everday / Go To Makeup Look so get yourself prepared.

Instead of telling you each product as I go, I’m going to list them here, just like I do on my Instagram:

FOUNDATION: Loreal True Match in Golden Ivory, Loreal Infallible total cover in Light Sand, Benefit High Beam & Sleek Bare Kissed Illuminator in Monaco

CONCEALER: Collection Lasting Perfection in Shade 1

BRONZER: Smashbox Contour Kit in Light

BROWS: Anastasia Beverley hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown

LIPS: Nyx Liquid Suede in Soft-Spoken

HIGHLIGHT: Benefit High beam & Sleek Solstice Palette

EYES: Maybelline master ink liquid eyeliner in matte black & Maybelline lash sensational

LASHES: Poundworld “single & ready to mingle” 88135

Lets get into it..

FIRSTLY, I started off priming the skin with Nivea Post shave Balm and let that sink in. The smell of this is unreal, I laaav it. Then taking my Foundation Combination, I dotted it around the face to get the correct amount of all 4 products.

Taking a Kabuki brush from QC MUA, I stippled that into the skin. Taking my eyebrow product, spoolie, Naked 2 brush & QC MUA Angled Eyeliner brush, I did those unruly brows.

Next, I took my eyeliner and did the damn thinnnnng. Also adding mascara and lashes. I use the Black Duo lash glue for anybody curious.

Take the concealer and conceal your entire face pretty much, standard init. Then setting with the RT Foundation Brush.

Adding some colour to the face with my bronzer and unbranded fluffy brush. Cheekbones, forehead, eyes, nose & jaw.

NOW IT’S TIME for HIGHLIGGGGGHT. So get yourself prepared. I took my QC MUA Fan brush & my highlighting combo and did THAT.

Glowing like a motherfucking queen.

Lined my lips with a unbranded lip pencil and applied Soft spoken. I switch up this combination with Sandstorm by Nyx too. They’re both my go-to lips.

And there you have it, a quick and easy but still sick full face. For when you want to be chill-beat.

Blinked but its ok init.

Any requests? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,



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