How to get DEWY GLOWY skin (when you’re oily!)

Hello you,

So us oily skinned/ combination skinned babies know that getting dewy skin is hard af without looking like an oily mess. But your gal has hooked you up and come up with a method that works so well on my combination ass face.

These are the 4 products I used:

  • Loreal True Match Foundation in Golden Ivory
  • Loreal Infallible Total Cover in Light Sand
  • Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter
  • Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco
  • A flat top kabuki brush

This foundation combo is a winner for me but you HAVE to get the balance right, or it goes patchy and weird. I’d say 70% True match & 30% Infallible.

Don’t mind me with a towel on my head drying my hair. I was wearing a black off the shoulder top btw.. not that you give a fuck.

This is usually what I do with this foundation combo, just to get the balance right.

Then all you gotta do is blend blend blend.

No towel now so check me wet hair. LOOOK AT MY SKIN FAM. Dewy and glowy. Yas.

Think I might be a real life dewy princess tbf. Check that coverage. I’M SORRY.

So this is the skin with everything else on, go HAM with a powder highlighter. 

This is actually my Go to / Everyday look which will be up on my blog, next Sunday.

Also yeah I blinked, soz about me.

Thanks for reading babies,



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