Ombre Eyeliner : Step by Step

Hello you,

First time doing an Ombre Eyeliner and I must say, am living.

Welcome back to another step by step, I hope your Sunday is sick. I have just got back from a 5 and a half hour car journey from Dundee to York – visited my gyal Sarah at Uni.

These are the only 2 products I used & a smudger brush that was unbranded.
Both are the Maybelline Master Ink Liquid eyeliners. One in White & One in Satin Black.

FIRST things first, take the black eyeliner and do the wing (I have a blog post on how to wing your eyeliner well). Pull it up onto the lid a lil.

SECOND take the white eyeliner from the inner corner 3/4 of the way across the eye and slowly begin to merge the two.

I recommend doing this with slow drying eyeliners as it’s easier to smudge the two together.

THIRD take your smudger brush and begin to connect the two. Adding white on the black at the same time – to get the grey colour in the middle.

Should be looking something like this.

FOURTH add mascara. Maybe even lashes – I couldn’t be bothered if you want the truth lol. 

FIFTH admire your work and do a little clean up around the wing and on the lid.

Now I’ve done it I’ll SLAY the fuck out of it next time. Watch me.

Definitely going to rock this soon, so keep an eye out on my Instagram “@AtkinsonLChloe”. Lashes would fully finish it off too.

Thanks for reading,



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