How to INTESIFY your Highlight

Hello you,

I couldn’t not mention it after being so effected by it. The Manchester Attack was so horrific, RIP to all the beautiful souls we lost. We will not let acts of terroism scare us and dictate what we do. Hold your loved ones close, an awful reminder that any of us could be taken at any second.

Moving on to the blog post..

Yas back at it again with a secret to help you glow. You’re not ready.

You will need:

A fan brush, a Setting Spray/Mist Spray, a Liquid Highlighter & a Powder Highlighter.

So this is my just putting on my Sleek Powder Highlighter with a dry brush, the RT rose gold highlighting one. To be specific. Like, the highlight is good. But it ain’t popping.

Take the setting spray and drench your motherfucking fan brush girl. D R E N C H. 

Then take the liquid highlighter with your finger (to warm up the product a lil). And apply to wherever you want your highlighter to go.

NOW, take your wet fan brush and powder highlight. Build that shit up.

Sorry? Krispy Kreme called and asked for their GLAZE back.

Slay slay slay.

A little comparison for you.

Enjoy your day,

Thanks for reading,



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