Glossy eyes : Step by Step

Hello you,

I did say I’d pull out a new look didn’t I! Bit late to the table but the glossy eye trend is such a look.

Look at how dewy and fresh my skin looks, yaas LIVING.

Those fucking angles hahaha fuck off.

First things first, prime the eyelid with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Shade 1 & set it with the Maybelline Matte Maker in Ivory. 

I then grabbed my FAV EVER palette, ABH Modern Renaissance Palette in Raw Sienna, RT Duo Fiber brush. Wack it in the crease. Window wiper motions, you know you know.

Taking the Makeup Revolutions Salted Caramel Palette, the darkest brown. I used a deluxe crease brush from QC Makeup Academy and used this on the Outer C & pulling it a bit into the crease.

I then took Nyx’s Lip Gloss in Ginger Snap. An angled brush from Qc Makeup Academy and applied it all over my lid.

Add some lashes ( I used Kiss Lily Blooming Lashes).


I know what you’re thinking and no, your eyelids don’t feel sticky.

The angles of my photos kill me the fuck off, I’m so shit at taking photos of makeup. Help a gal out in the comments, if you have any tips!

Thanks for reading,



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