Editorial Look : Tribe Vibes & Smudged Lips

Hello you,

Quick shoutout to my absolute bestest ever friend Sarah – Happy 20th Birthday sweetheart. Have a fabulous day, I love you♡

Before you wonder – yes this look was created the same day as my “The Power of Makeup” post. That’s why my hair and tee is the same.

Not a step by step as it is Wednesday but wanted to show you this editorial look i created because I fucking lovvve it.

So the inspiration was in a dream, weird I know stay with me. I was in some sort of tribe and I had the white lines around 1 of my eyes – like I do in this. Ya girl wokkkke up and recreated it. Adding extra bits obviously.

This side is my favourite even though the inspiration came from the white lines in my tribe dream. That smudged lipstick look is so appealing to me. Yes. I am HERE for that. Also white brows should be a thing no? AND CHECK THAT GLITTER LINE. SHARP ENOUGH TO CUT OFF YOUR MANS HEAD.

As you can see I used Greens, Blues, Pink & Red for the eyeshadow. Must of been feeling great that day. Catch me wearing colour and you know I’m approachable… catch me with a black smokey maybe avoid me. Hahahaha naaaah I’m kidding.

I wish you were in my dream so you could see how spot on I got this. ABSOLUTELY living.

I’m sorry I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again editorial looks are my FAV.


Thanks for reading,



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