How to apply a Matte Lip Product PROPERLY : Step by Step

Hello you,

Back again with another helpful blog post – aren’t you fucking lucky.

So after hearing and seeing some absolutely atrocious crimes committed against your poor lips. I’ve decided to make a blog post on the ground work you need to put it before going in with a matte lipstick or lip creme. It’s essential – don’t want none of my babies having crusty lips.

Lets do thissss…

So this can be done at any stage. Lips is always the last thing I apply so I’d do this last.

I take a about 2 pea sized amounts of the Johnson’s Baby Lotion and smother my lips in it. BE CAREFUL with the moisturiser and make sure it doesnt disrupt the foundation around your lips too much. Leave it for around 2 minutes and then wipe the excess off with a cotton pad – as it will go bumpy after a while which ain’t pretty.

You can then pop on a bit of Vaseline or Lipsil of any kind. Not too much though we still want that Matte finish. Leave that to soak in and then we can go in with the Matte Lip product! Don’t forget to use a lip liner.

We ain’t finished yet. Then take a pea sized amount and dap it on top of the lips & lip product. This adds moisture. But it’ll go Matte – I gotttttchu. It also stops the cracking of the product and allows your lips to soak it in abit, which is always good. 

If you disturbed the foundation around the lips, go in with a concealer to touch up. Make sure you set it & blend it. I do not want my babies walking around with floating lips now do I.

I’ve also decided to start calling you “my babies” so if you’re a regular follower on my socials & read my blog posts – you’re one of my babies. Ok ok.

I’m so glad I’ve cleared up the havoc, I can now sleep peacefully knowing my babies have hydrated lips whilst wearing Matte lip products.

Thanks for reading,



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