The Power of Makeup

Hello you,
Welcome to another Wednesday blog post! Absolutely smashing this new schedule aren’t I! 

Todays blog post is a bit different and I am more than sure you’ve heard of it. The inventor of this “challenge” – as far as I’m aware but correct me if I’m wrong. Was Nikkie Tutorials – myyyyyyy gal. I love her. 

The point of the challenge is to show how dramatically different makeup can make you look and also show that nobody is perfect – shit I said it. We alllll got flaws.

I’m literally JUST as comfortable in my bare faced 8 year old looking skin as I am when I wear makeup. And that’s the sole reason I wanted to do this “challenge”. I think it’s sad that girls and boys feel obligied to walk around ‘done up’ like noooo honey, do you. Rock whatever.

You alll know my personal choice is to wear a full face bc I killlll it. But honestly, I probably only wear makeup to work & to see friends. My family & Bren hardly see me done up. That’s the truth.

The big reveal.. hold onto your hats..


Lol yeah literally – that’s it fam. Absolute killing it in my Dad’s Austrailian tee can I add.

Rocking them space buns once again – you know. Red pigment in my jaw line beaming through but I dont care.

I reckon I could walk the streets rocking this shit. What do you think? Looool

So there it is. For the whole internet to see, my bare ass face. Wow it feels good. 

The whole point of this is to try to get you to understand that you are the best and only version of yourself. Love yourself in every single form & then WATCH people TRY to tear you down. It won’t work. Self love is essential.

Have a lovely rest of the week, I’ll see you again Sunday.

Thanks for reading,



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