How to WING your eyeliner in 4 steps

Hello you,

THIS FILTER IS LIFE YAAAAAS. Add me on Snapchat : ATKINSONLCHLOE, posting those fire selfies 24/7 you know you knowww.

Anyway back to the blog post – teaching how to get that WING my girl. It’s all about a steady hand, pratice & not breathing around eyeliner, ok ok.

As you can see I was baking the CONTOUR. Anyway, I’d probably recommend doing your eyeliner before your foundation because you’ll probs fuck it up first time around – it’s ok all been there.

Step 1 – Start by drawing a black line from the corner of the outer edge of the eye – towards the end of the eyebrow. Does not need to be straight because you can tidy it up with a makeup wipe after girl. I GOTTTT YOU. NEATNESS AINT KEY.

Step 2 – From the eyebrow side, go 3/4 of the way across your line and draw it back to the eye – like you can see it the photo. Fill that in, try to keep it as straight as possible.

 Step 3 – Now continue with your line and and pull it into a thinish line over the lid to the inner corner. Dont be leaving no gaps. Then fill it in RIGHT to the lashes. No gaps my love. No gaps.

Step 4 – I then used concealer & transulcent powder to sharpen up my wing because I’m a dickhead and I did my foundation already. But you can use a makeup wipe wrapped around your index finger and pull it up towards your eyebrow to SHARPEN that shit.

I usually add lashes but thats completely up to you. Mascaras good too. I used the Maybelline Matte ink liquid eyeliner, but maybe start off with a gel eyeliner and a fine brush, as you’ll have more stability.

Honestly eyeliner is just practice and everyone has different shaped eyes so it’s never going to be 100% the same. Don’t stress it. 

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