New Products : Review

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Quick Happy Birthday to my bestest friend of 19 years – my dad. Have a fab day, love you lots♡

Back to the blog post – I have recently tried out some new products. Two of them were samples from Arbonne and one from Nivea that I purchased.

Arbonne Its a Long Story Mascara

OHHH MY this mascara is so sick for bottom lashes. It has a full sized brush but it gets those bottom lashes fucking popping – trust me. I’d definitely purchase the full version. Never usually get excited over mascaras.

Arbonne Makeup Primer

Your girl neeeeds to do some research on Arbonne because these two products are bommmb. I’ve used this primer everyday for the last week and it’s such a nice consistency. It’s not watery whatsoever which pisses me off about primers. I’d honestly say it’s a better version of Smashbox Photo Finish primer – it’s the same consistency and smells similar.

Kept my primer on for over 10 hours though so winner.

Nivea Pure & Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream

It’s so thick and rich and creamy. Coming from someone with Oily Skin I really reckon it would do a Dry skinned gal some good. It smells so fresh and light. I haven’t seen a visible change in my skin yet – however I’ve only been using it a week. What I will say is, I think it blocks your sweat glands a bit because it’s so thick and rich. Just because my face randomly started producing more oil/sweat around my t-zone and chin area, very strange.

The reason I got an anti-wrinkle cream is because I want to prevent wrinkles later. These products are actually best to be used whilst you have no wrinkles and elasticity in the skin. Little tip for you there.

That is it – sorry I didn’t have more products to review for you guys.

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