Rainbow Cut Crease FESTIVAL Eye Look : with Glitter

Hello you,

HOW AMAZING IS THIS LOOK – obsessed. The Rainbow eye Cut Crease is inspired by Holly Boon.

Bringing you a step by step because It’s SUNDAY and you know we be chilling on SUNDAYS.

Lets crack on..

Did my brows & primed the eyes with Maybelline fit me concealer in shade 10 – set them with Maybelline matte maker in Ivory.

Went in like so with ABH Modern Renaissance Palette in red ochre on a flat fluffy brush – unbranded.

I then went in with Collection Poptastic palette in the bright yellow shade. Like so. A fluffy brush to blend – it was a RT blending brush of some sort. The name rubbed off. Sorry ok.

After I took ABH Burnt Orange and a light blue and bright green from Qc MUA palette. It turned out like this..

THEM ANGLES THOUGH. I added Collection Kohl eyeliner to my waterline & tight line. Maybelline Master matte ink in black and WINGED it out girl. Then added Ardell lashes halloween addition wispies. I wear them a lot.

I then took some ugly ass photos whilst doing the rest of my face. This is a LOOK.

Bitta baking. Setting that shit in place. I literally am a potato.

I used 2 gold pigmented loose glitters that I got from Ebay and Glitter Gel Glue and did THAT.

The lipstick is from QC MUA Lipstick palette and I sent it with ABH Burnt Orange to mattify it. I then added a gold line on the lower lip.  YEAH I KNOWWW ITS NOT CENTRAL OK. I SUCK.

That is the finished look. I am obsessed and in love. I put my hair in space buns and I want to go to a festival JUST so I can do this Makeup look.

Absolutely living. In my Red Pj top again – I have about 3 lol leave me alone I’m not gross

Yaaas forehead come through. Honestly dying at that lash coming off on the inner corner – little fuck.

Thank you for reading,




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