Five Things I HATE About Makeup.

Hello you,

Another wednesday so another chattier blog post. Around 2 weeks ago I did a 5 things I love about Makeup – so it only made sense to do one about why I hate Makeup too.

So let’s get into it..

1-  Washing Brushes/Beauty blenders

I’ve always been a clean and tidy organised person. Except for my hair bc I never cba to wash it lol not sorry. I love organisation, it soothes my soul. And up until a year ago washing my brushes never felt like a chore until I accumulated about 100 brushes. WHY. WHY THE FUCK HAVE I GOT OVER 100 BRUSHES? You may ask, I ask myself the same thing. Because they are an absolute chore to wash. It drives me insane. I get back pain and headache and my knees hurt from kneeling at the sink. It ain’t pretty. It takes me an hour. One hour. Every 2 weeks. Of my life gone. Because I am a dickhead and I own too many brushes. Not getting rid of any though..

2- Sitting down to do your makeup.. and your beauty blender aint wet.

I genuinely do believe this is the worst one. All psyched to do your makeup so you sit down. You begin and your beauty blenders drier than your tongue gets at the dentist when they use the sucky machine. Drier than the sahara desert. You get the point. How fucking annoying is it. If you know, you know.

3- Watering eyes JUST after applying eyeliner

Lorrrrd above. This one affects my whole being. My right eye is a lil dickhead and does not like eyeliner anywhere near it. Just smoked out your bottom lash line? Expect a rain fall. I went to work with lashes & eyeliner on NYE – it watered for my entire 4 hour shift and I had to redo my makeup before I went out. Nah.

4- Seasons changing your skinwhich changes how makeup applies on your skin.

This never affected me until last year. As you know I’m oily af in the t-zone. But in winter I’ve started getting dry on my forehead? Sorry what. It’s an issue. Ok.

5- Lacking Inspiration

This isn’t one for most people, as normal people stick to what they know and like. With me I hate the same look on my face all the time. It’s boring to me. Trying to come up with no ideas, new concepts is a pain in my non existent ass.

And there you have it. The 5 things that I hate about Makeup. I could of probably gone for 10. But we don’t want to be negative now do we.

Thanks for reading,



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