Brown Smoke with Copper Halo : Eye Look

Hello you,

I know you love step by steps so I’m pulling them out the bag on Sundays – it’s good to have options ain’t it.

Let’s jump straight into it..

Primed the eyelid with Urban Decays Original primer potion and went straight in with this taupe shade in the crease.

Makeup Revolutions Salted Caramel Palette, just for reference. You see the orange down and across right from the taupe shade? I also added a little bit of that too the crease, to help to mix with the copper Halo later on.

Dont ask me why I didn’t take photos of this. I didn’t take this colour too high on the lid and we’re going to be blending later and this product moves a lot.

Taking the QC MUA eyeshadow palette and this copper shade I used this angled brush the pop it in the centre on my eye. Building it up and then blending it out, when it gets to the crease.

I added Collection Kohl eyeliner & Kiss lashes from Superdrug.

How annoying is it when you forget to push your lashes and the fake ones together with tweezers and they’re visible – don’t forget folks. Learn from my fuck up.

This look is honestly been my ride of die in winter so I hope you like it too – even though it’s Spring now, oops.

 Well need to sort them brows out bloody hell.

Thanks for reading,



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