TESTING: L’Oréal’s NEW Primer & Foundation

Hello you,

Tested out the L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Full Coverage, Longwear Foundation (9 Light Sand – my shade) & L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Primer, for the last week or so.

L’Oréal Primer –

I have an OILLLLLY motherfucking T-zone and this is honestly ace. I usually just use a pea size on my nose & forehead, as this is where I produce the most oil. Because I prefer dewy skin right now, I wouldn’t use this all over the face because I know it would make me matte. If you’re into the matte look – crack on love. As I said I use this on my T-zone and then the Nivea Post Shave Palm on the rest of my face (It doesn’t break me out personally girl –  so chill. I heard the rumours too). Both together literally kept my makeup on from 2pm – 3am. And I went to work & on a night out within that time. Girl go get some, £8 in boots. 

L’Oréal Foundation- 

Fuck typing that name out again loool. I’ve tried this foundation out once on its own and it is full coverage girl. Full. F U L L. So my Oily babies jump on that shit, only £10 too. Holly Boon said this foundation mixed with L’Oréal’s True Match Super Blendable Foundation (1.D/1.W Golden Ivory – my shade) is a dream. GIRRRRRRRRRRRRL she was not wrong. Holy fuck. I AM IN LOVE. These 2 babies mixed together are a dream.

Just incase you needed a picture. They’re so lovely together. I usually use more of the True Match because it gives a dewier finish – so 70% True Match & 30% Infallible.

I really would recommend trying this combination out – however what bugs me is L’Oréal isn’t cruelty free. I haven’t bought ANY cruelty products in 6 months, I’m just trying to get rid of the ones I do have and buy cruelty free ones instead. Quite pissed off with myself for buying this because no animals deserve that bullshit. What’s done is done. MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS CRUELTY FREE L’ORÉAL IT’S 2017.

Thanks for reading,



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