Tips & Tricks: Mature Skin – Mother’s Day Edition

(Photo from Google Images – NOT owned by me. Owned by Shearsby Bath) 

Hello you,

I know I said Step by Steps on Sundays but it’s Mother’s Day so let me live. I wanted to dedicate this day to them.

One for the lovely mothers/step mothers/grandmas/mother figures in your lives. Sharing some tips & tricks when applying Makeup to Mature Skin so go give over your phone to them and we shall begin.

Shout out to Momma Sue – Happy Mother’s Day, I love you more than you’ll ever know, thank you for everything you do for me and yes I’ll do your makeup before we go out later.

Lets get into it..

1 – Less is more

Applying heavy makeup is completely up to you, by all means. But the more you apply the more it’ll settle into wrinkles etc. So applying a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser will make the skin look more skin like. If that makes sense.


Everyone looses skin elasticity over time. Skin begins to droop but your bones don’t move. This particularly applies to the eyes and cheekbones. Follow those bones. The skin will move.

3 – Blush looks better on you than Contour

I’m not here to question what makeup anyone wears. But when working on clients with mature skin, I find that blush adds colour and life to the skin. That starts to lessen over the years. Contouring is a harsh look – which I’m slowly falling out of love with. 

4– You’re allowed to wear the bright blue eyeshadow.. AGE IS A NUMBER.

It does NOT matter if you’re 22, 52 or 82. Wear the blue eyeshadow. Wear the glitter. Highlight your cheekbones. Colour is not something to be scared of. Colour and age have no correlation, it’s a myth.

5– Just because you may have wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity or fine lines – doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful.

Just incase you needed a reminder.

6– Brightening Primers

These will save your life – your skin will be dewy and healthy and fresh. Trust me.

7– Focus on the eyes or lips

By drawing attention to one of these features, you’ll feel more confident about your flaws. Use a dark eye and light lip or light eye and dark lip.

Feel free to tag me in your makeup photos, I’d love to see them.

Have a wonderful day – I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Thank you for reading,



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