Five Things I LOVE About Makeup.

Hello you,

I wanted to start bringing a few new blog posts to the table so from now on I’ve got a schedule. Sundays will be step by steps/editorial looks and Wednesdays will be makeup related posts. I won’t however be posting every Wednesday – as your girl got a LOT on. Any requests, comment below my babies.

Lets get on with this blog post then shall we..

1- Confidence :

I know you should be confident within your own skin – bare faced, joggers & your hair scraped back. But we all have insecurites. Makeup has made me love my self, to an extent. Confidence is seen as arrogance in this day and age, which is so sad. But honestly applying my makeup and going to work with poppin’ highlight makes me feel fucking good. And it probably does with you too.

2- The Process/Routine

Ok so this is different for everyone. If I’m going full beat, it can take me an hour & a half. But that process is fucking unreal. I love how I have my own little routine, which you see in my step by steps. Always start with the eyes kinda girl. I know a few people don’t like how long it takes, which is the case when I sign up for early shifts at work because I’d rather be asleep. But once I’m sat at my vanity mirror – I’m at my happiest.

3 – The Makeup Community

Ever since I discovered Makeup was my passion, I feel like I’ve joined a whole other world. It started out following a few MUAs/MUEs and went from there. Seeing other artists work is inspiring. I know there’s the odd dickhead MUA in the Makeup Community but ain’t that the case anywhere. I didn’t realise how big it was, until the last year. 90% of the people I follow on social medias are makeup related accounts. Your girl’s obsessed.

4 – The Products

Obviously trying out different products, working out what works for you skin and doesn’t is exciting. I love so many brands and want to try so many brands. There are so many different skin care and makeup products, the feeling inside of buying new makeup. Is a feeling like no other. If you know you know.  Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to try out every single makeup product in the world – you best BELIEVE I’ll be that grandma wearing makeup till she’s dead.

5 – Creativity

Makeup helped me find the creative spark I never knew I had. I was shit at drawing in school, always have been so I didnt expect to have any sort of talent with makeup. Experimentation with products and using different brushes. Finding inspiration for set looks is hard, but being creative and going crazy is easy. 30% of looks I produce, I dont publish. If i wouldn’t wear it outside, It’s not being shown to you guys. We all have bad makeup days.

I really hope you liked this blog post, something a little different.

Thanks for reading,



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