Pink Smokes with a Dash of Glitter : Eye Look

Hello you,


I want to come away from them a little but you guys like them and i like doing them – so I probs won’t.

Forgot to take photos for this one so I’m sorry – deal with it.

Primed the eyelid with Collection Concealer in Medium 2 & Set with Airspun Translucent Powder.

Moved onto my ABH Modern Renaissance Palette with Warm taupe on my RT Duo Fiber Eye Brush and into the crease.

Adding Love Letter bit by bit with an unbranded fluffy brush – focus on the outer C of the eye. And blend inwards.

I used the Collection concealer to carve out my eyelid & the Naked 2 palette brush (if you know you know) & set it with Airspun Translucent Powder.

On top of the carved out line & in the crease, add the Collection Glam Crystals in Silver to just over half way and smoke it out with love letter.

Add Eyeliner & Mascara and BAM – got yourself a killer eye look in about 10 steps.

Not my best eyeliner day – I won’t lie. Why am I looking down like that? What a dickhead.

Slay yo day.

That’s my new slogan. Just thought of it. No copyright.

Looks sick though doesn’t it.

 Thanks for reading,



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