Colourful Rain Drops : Editorial

Hello you,

We all know I like to do weird shit with my makeup. Again in the red pj top – I live in this thing.

If you want a fully honest story, I woke up on this day feeling shitty and wanted to do my makeup, as it’s one of the things that brings happiness to my life. Along with my dog.. (here’s a photo bc he’s too cute)


Anyway sorry this is makeup blog, not a dog one… oo gap in the market.

So yeah woke up, felt shit, wanted to be wacky and I thought why not do editorial with a colourful face thats “raindrop like”. And that my friends, is exactly what I did.

There’s something about ‘extra‘ looks that speaks to my soul. I doubt anyone would want to recreate this – so this isn’t a step by step, more of just a talky blog post. Which I don’t really do too many of, because I never have anything funny to say. Even though I am funny. Can you say you’re funny? Fuck it I’m funny.

Mid blink but I love this photo. Look at that colour. I look sick.

The only thing is it is so hard to get inspiration for editorial, just because anything goes. Which might sound easier to gather your ideas, trust me daddy (did anyone get that reference or nah?)..but it isn’t.

Wanting to do a load of editorial looks this year so you’ll be seeing lots of wacky shit. 

Thanks for reading,



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