9 Step Easy Festival Vibes : Eye Look

Hello  you,

My eyes look good. Ignore my fresh face & shitty eyebrows – this was the test run.

Prime your lid you crazy bitch x x

Firstly taking my QC MUA palette & RT duo fiber face brush. I took the blue and applied it into the crease and outer c of the eye. Building it up. Get that pigment girl.

I SWEAR I TAKE THE UGLIEST ANGLED PHOTOS EVER. But anyway, like this – keep building up that blue.

Taking a ebay unbranded fluffy eye brush and these two shades ( one on the left of the brush) blend that into the outer c pulling it a lil into the crease. 

Also pulling these colours onto the lid, as we dont want to look mad now do we.

Taking the Glam Crystalz Collection liner in Silver, outline the lid and pull the glitter onto the lid from the outer corner – it looks good just trust me.

Then line the tightline with Collection Kohl eyeliner & add Maybelline lash sensational – maybe some lashes if ya feeling fancy.

Like so – do you see how good that looks. Do you feel me. Don’t know why it’s blurry, ask my camera.

Added lashes & gems. Smoked out the bottom lash line with the first blue we used and BAM. You have yourself a cute ass festival look.

Obviously you can switch the blue colour up to match your outfit.

Didn’t finish me face bc couldnt be arsed but probably would use fish nets and blue eyeshadow to contour –  to be extra af.

Do you really like it? Is it, is it wicked?

More festival, spring looks & editorial looks coming your way soon.

Thanks for reading,



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