Step by Step – Princess Crown Lids

Hello you,

Before you jump on the bandwagon – I plucked those stray hairs after I took the photos. Let me and my messy brows live.

Back at it again with the step by steps. This is becoming a trend so I jumped onto it & it only took me 5 mins to do this look. Currently having chest pains, help me. 

Let’s get into it..

So I didn’t take photos because I like to change shit up, as you know. But start off by priming the eye lid. I used LA Girl Pro Concealer in Ivory, setting with the Maybelline Instant Matte Maker powder in Ivory.

Grabbing my RT Duo Fiber Eye Brush and Buon Fresco into the crease. I smoked out the light purple shade and kept adding bits of Love Letter in. Remember to blend blend blend. I used my Morphe 505 obviously.

I then grabbed Collection Glam Crystalz Eyeliner in Silver and outlined the crown and filled it in. If you’re a regular reader you know I live for the glitter collection eyeliners. 

I then took Love Letter on an unbranded pencil brush under my waterline & smoked it out with the RT base shadow brush. I also added a little Glam Crystalz Glitter to the water line, directly under the crown to balance it out.

Adding They’re Real Mascara to the top & bottom lashes, I forgot to put black in my waterline – fuck my life. Atleast I’ve remembered it now, good one Chloe. You dick.

Then lastly adding gems about the points of the crown, that I got from Ebay.

My chest pains have gone, incase you care. Obviously repeat for the other eye & finish off your face and bam you’re a fucking princess with crowns on the eyelids to prove it.

I took about 80 photos trying to get the perfect one so I’m going to throw in a few now.

I’VE CRACKED IT! My brows look unusually messy because I didn’t use brow gel before taking the photos & I also used my back camera with flash. It all makes sense again. Lol who am I kidding, my brows always messy and in need of a pluck/wax/thread.

Thanks for reading,



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