SO EXTRA: Holographic Glitter Eye LOOK

Hello you,

Welcome to another step by step on an OTT eye look. Look at that fucking glitter.

Also check out my brows – only used a sleek brown gel through them and I LOVE it.

Let’s get on with it..

Primed the eyelid with the Revlon Color Stay Concealer in Fair & went straight in with the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

Duo fiber eye brush & Warm Taupe – you know you know.

So I took this colour WAY over the top outwards and upwards, because I wanted this look to be cray. 

Random fluffy brush into this lighter brown shade. Applying this to the outer C of the eye & the crease.

Builded this colour up a lot. Now we blend my little babies.

Using a pencil brush and a little bit of black eyeshadow. Building this up in the outer C.

Like so, ensuring there are no harsh black lines. Just add brown to a blending brush and circular motions.

So this is the Holographic glitter I used – off Amazon. But honestly, you can buy it just about anywhere. Glitter glue and an angled flat brush. THIS SHIT GOES EVERYWHERE BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

Added lashes & Collection Black Kohl Eyeliner to the waterline and tightline.

Adding Benefit’s They’re Real Benefit Mascara & the brown shade to smoke out the bottom lashes. I then finished my face.

And that’s a wrap. 

I absolutely love this glitter – it’s honestly so beautiful. 


So a couple of hours later I took this look off & the glitter just clung to my face – you’re not ready for this picture.

Idk if you can tell but it’s all over my face. In me eyebrows, in me hair, on me lips, in me eyelashes. Worth it tho. No regrets.

Thanks for reading,



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