Reflective Blog Post on my Makeup Journey so far.

Hello you, 
Today is a reflective blog post. There’s going to be a lot of pictures of me – lucky you. This Blog post is mainly for me – so I can look back and see how far I’ve come in 5 years time.

How did you get into makeup?”

I’ve always loved playing with makeup even when I was younger – I used to experiment in my bedroom and wipe it off again because I was too embarrassed to show anyone. I just practiced. I found people that inspire me – check out my blog post on my makeup inspirations. And practiced whenever I had free time. I also bored my boyfriend & bestfriend to death talking about makeup and different techniques – not knowing I wanted to do it as a career. I remember being in the Lakes with my boyfriend Bren & his family, sitting on the balcony of the hotel and he’d said numerous times I should do it as a career. And it hit me that, I would love nothing more than to do this full time. So now, I’m doing a QC Makeup Academy Course – blog post on that too. Then hoping to build up my social media accounts for my makeup & start a youtube. Also start freelancing.

Do you think you’re good at makeup?”

 I can’t say that I’m at a level I’m perfectly happy with, because there’s always room for improvement. So I’ll always constantly want to change a look or practice new techniques or play with new products. But yeah, I do think I have some sort of talent at it – omg did she actually just say she’s good?! Lol yeah I fucking did – self love is a thing. If I don’t rate my work, how can I expect other people too?

The photo on the right was 2016 and the photo on the left was a few months back – not perfect but such a difference. 

The thing I love about makeup is that I am constantly learning – what works, what doesn’t. On my face and other people’s. It’s so much fun.

Doesn’t it get hard trying to inspire yourself for new looks?”

YES. Literally the bain of my life, but once I have an idea in my head I run with it. So many people forget that makeup doesn’t have rules. People have opinions on your work, naturally. But aslong as you love it – fuck them.

Makeup has also brought me into COLOUR. I hardly ever use to use eyeshadow. Now look at me rocking yellow. Even if you dont think it will suit you – try it. Why not? YOU CAN WIPE IT OFF BOO.

Editoral looks kill me – I need to get back into this. This was one of my favourite looks I’ve ever done. I just can’t. I love it.

If you have any questions at all – comment below, tweet me, Instagram message me, facebook message me. Whatever you like.

I also just want to say thank you so much for the support, whether that’s liking my blog post on WordPress, Facebook or Twitter. Or liking my makeup photo or messaging me or commenting. Even reading this blog post now. You have no idea how much love I have for you, I see u boo.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “Reflective Blog Post on my Makeup Journey so far.

  1. Hey, love your post and blog. I am an aspiring make up artist who originally went with QC make up academy but in the end opted for college as it was better for me and my family. Your very talented indeed. I have done a couple of assisting jobs but I am no where near being certified, I have to do two years of beauty therapy to gain the entry requirements needed to be able to then go on and do the mua course. I love that you are sharing your journey. There is a lot of info for the pro mua, like what to do on your first job etc but there’s not much for the aspiring/trainee make up artist, like how to land a high profile assisting job etc so that’s what I do and its great to see I am not the only one offering advice for mua’s in training. Love anni. Live, live, slay babe xx

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