QC Makeup Academy Course

Hello you,

Bit of a different blog post – but I wanted to have a break from creating constant “step by steps” even if they are highly requested.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter then you won’t know that I recently enrolled on the QC Makeup Academy – Master Makeup Artistry Course. I have only just recently completed my first unit (Unit A), which is the picture above. I GOT AN ABITCHES.

As you can see the Units come with a course guide & 3 (or more) information booklets – which are put together so well & unbelievably informative. It also comes with a disk – that I haven’t actually watched as I want to watch them all through at the end. But I can imagine they’re just as good as the booklets.

Also within the course you get this double sided laminate sheet, that shows you what products to use on what skin types – which is so unbelievably useful when you’re starting out. Also that’s blush powder on my onesie lol.

These are the booklets for Unit E (which I haven’t got to yet as I’m on Unit B) but look how amazing this looks – I am so excited.

This course has honestly taught me so much already and I’m only on Unit B!!

And obviously you get makeup with the course – which are perfect for starting up your makeup kit. This is the “Blush and Powder Palette” however, I used it for my Valentine’s day eye look as the colours are super pigmented. That orange looks unreal.

LOOOOOK at that green and yellow swatch. I’m shook. This is the eyeshadow palette they sent and it’s so vibrant and pretty – some crazy looks will be made from this. Trust me.

This is the lip palette I was sent. I can’t wait to get a mixing board and mix some of these shades up to create colours to die for. 

This is the foundation and correcting palette. However I’ll be using those shades for contour and highlighting, I can just see it.

That’s what is included folks and I feel so lucky to be able to do a course on something I am so passionate about. If you’re wanting to expand your knowledge and choose makeup as a career – this course is definitely one to look at. There are lots of practical assignments, meaning you get the practice you need. I’m only at the start of my journey – so check my twitter for updates on how it’s going (@atkinsonchloe_).

I can’t wait to finish the course, gain my certificate and become qualified as a mua. This really feels like the beginning of my career.

If you’re in and around the York area – I need models so message me if you’re interested. 

http://www.qcmakeupacademy.com/ – This is the link to the QC Makeup Academy website for those who may be interested.

Thanks for reading,



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