“How do you get your Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blenders to look brand new?!”

Hello you,

As all guys & gals know, cleaning your Makeup brushes is a chore. But I honestly love knowing my brushes & beauty blenders look brand new.

I’ve had loads of questions on how I keep my brushes clean. So here’s the secret..

First you’ll need your dirty brushes and a silicone matt.

This one from Real Techniques has a hand strap at the back which is perfect for cleaning your brushes. I usually use the middle section of this silicone matt as I find it cleans the brissels to best.

Yess, you’re seeing that right. FAIRY WASHING UP LIQUID. The green one, the red one, the yellow one, any of them. It does not matter. As you can see I run a little bit along the whole silicone matt. Fairy washing up liquid is the only thing that kills bacteria, gets rid of stains and makes my brushes smell amazing. But be careful to wash them out thoroughly, after all it is oil based so get that shit out.

Run dirty brush under water and onto silicone matt into the fairy washing up liquid.

Lol ew look at that dirt. I honestly wish I could wash my brushes everyday.

Then rinse it VERY WELL under the tap and take it between both hands, brissels faced down and rub it like your using a stick to make a fire. Lol does that make sense.  It takes the excess water out the brush and allows it to air dry.

Grab your dirty beauty blender and thoroughly wet it.

Take the Fairy Liquid and put it on the point end of the BB.

Then take it in your hand like so. And use your thumb the push the product from the beauty blender up and out onto your hand. Fuck this is so hard to explain.

Basically the aim is the push the soap in and push the foundation and shit out. Do you get me?

Rinse using the exact same hand action.


Now doing the flat side. Put on some fairy liquid and again, doing the same hand action. Pushing the foundation up and out.

Like so. God this is probably the most boring blog post ever but atleast you’ll have clean BBs and Brushes.

Then rinse for atleast 5 minutes under running water because the sponge absorbs the fairy liquid. I took this picture on a glass shelf with my nose lol.

I then leave my Beauty Blenders on the Windowsill. To air dry and sun dry?? Lol joke we don’t have sun in York.

All my brushes to dry on a towel on my bedroom floor for atleast a full day. They all have their own little drying space inbetween. How magical does that look.

Apologies if that blog post was boring as fuck & I explained it terribly.

In other news…Drugstore Valentine’s Eye Look coming on Sunday 12th Feb.
Thanks for reading,



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