Copying a FaceChart : @Milk1442

Hello you, 

So this isn’t the usual step by step, it’s more of an expression of art. Makeup is art.

I do however, have some tips if you yourself are wanting to copy someone’s makeup look:

  • Most important – GIVE CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE. I don’t need to explain.
  • Pay attention to detail – all the outlining & little white marks & places to highlight, etc.
  • Take your time – don’t rush it, if you don’t have a couple of hours then you won’t like the end result.
  • There arent set rules– it is your interpretation of it, you can take inspiration from 8 other different artists and make it your own. But remember the first point.

I’ve previously done one of Milk1422’s face charts that features on my blog ( go check it out). I’m not sure if Mac created this facechart or Milk1422 did but either way – I recreated it.

I have so much fun doing other people’s makeup ideas and I’d encourage everyone to try it – even if you dont think it is your cup of tea.

I know it isn’t perfect but makeup isn’t suppose to be – makeup is your interpretation of something. It’s art. Do you boo.

Look at me getting all inspirational. I should do public speaking lol no I’m joking.

How annoying is it that I’m biting the wrong side of my lip – little fuck. Things like that erk me, so I’m sorry if it erks you too. Is erk even a word? Anyway I’m rambling, but thanks for allowing me to do something different.

Easy step by step Valentine’s day look – coming soon.

Thanks for reading,



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