Out of your comfort zone eye look & full face

Hello you,

Buckle your seat belts this blog post is a long one. Not only just an eye look today, a full face too!!

 I reckon I owed it to you, seen as the Sunday before last I didn’t post due to illness. 

So if you want to read a 10 minute blog post with step by step on a glitter colour lid, that is way out of my usual gold,bronze, brown & burgundy comfort zone. Let’s get on with..

I always start off with priming my skin, as it gives it time to get tacky whilst im doing my eyes. I use my fingers & Benefit Porefessional and Smashbox Clear Photo Finish Primer, to work them both into my skin. I like to use both because the Porefessional closes and smooths out pores and then the Photo Finish makes my skin feel incredible and creates a good barrier between my skin & foundation.

Priming the eyelids – you know the drill on this one.

Ok I might do things in a weird order, leave me alone.

Now time for BROWWWWWS. These are the Three products I use & I always use the brush that the sleek kit products. I find its small and the brissels are slim & compact so its easy to use. If you want a brow tutorial, request it & I’ll do it – not including it right now because I don’t think I have mastered them yet.

OK OH MY GOD I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE CREASE SHADE. Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette, Modern Renaissance – Warm Taupe – how did I not see this?! Duo Fiber eye brush obvs.

My brow looks such a strange shape but I was raising it to show you the crease colour lol.

Taking a random unbranded fully brush & the Makeup Revolution’s Salted Caramel Palette. This shade is like a soft brown. Adding it to the outer corner and crease.

Like so, blend that shit. Morphe 505 brush as always.

Now we’re carving the eyelid OUT. You know the drill with this too. Naked 2 Palette brush is the best for eyebrows & carving shit OUT.
Then set it with the Airspun Translucent Powder and brush off excess. NOW FOR GLITTER!!! 

I need to buy more Glitter Glue ASAP. I mixed together 2 loose pigment blue glitters from Ebay & began applying the glue then glitter, in sections.

I then mixed this colour with a little black and pressed it into the edges of the glitter I’d applied & blended it upwards and outwards.

I literally put random shit in italics & bold lol.

Added my Superdrug own brand Green eyelashes and left them to dry. NOW FACE TIME!!

Ok so foundation first, Kat Von D shade Light 44. Wet Beauty blender with a chunk out of it, fuck my life lol. I also squirted it with Mario Badescu Skin Care Rose Water & Blended all that in

Now taking the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (top left pic) look how fresh this concealer makes your under eye look. Tip: don’t put concealer right up to the eye, put it a lil further down and blend up. Avoids creasing. 

Then taking Airspun Translucent Powder & a little beauty blender to set my under eye. (Top right pic) loool incase you care. 

As I was using a matte foundation, I didn’t need to bake.

I then added Benefit mascara & master ink liquid eyeliner in Satin.

Then using the Collection Kohl Black Eyeliner pencil to line my tightline. Which makes such a difference when you have lashes on.

After brushing off excess it’s bronzer & contour time.

ABH powder kit, big fluffy brush to warm up my face. Elf stipple brush in the Smashbox Contour kit’s warmest shade to contour. Using the Smashbox contour brush in the ashy brown to DEFINE that contour.

Hahahahaha this is killing me off. Some of the photos coming up are gold. MAKE ME INTO A MEME.

Highlight time!! Ruby & Millie face brush, to highlight the cheekbones and nose. Base shadow brush to highlight my inner corner and eyebrow bone. I use Benefit’s High Beam & Sleek Solistice Palette the yellow toned shade.

Oh yeah I used Airspun Translucent to carve my contour out. CHECK OUT THE HIGHLIGHT. 

Nyx Dewy Finish Setting Spray. Are you ready for the next 2 photos hahaha you’re not.

Hahahaha arms length away bitch. 
Ok, I’m looking at this photo a few hours after posting it and my necks the length of a giraffes. Hahahha check them neck muscles out. 

Waft that face girl. Let that setting spray set in.

Lol I use to be so self concious about my forehead & the fact it’s 8ft tall but honestly, it just gives me more to contour & I love my big head. Self love Goals.

Line my waterline, use my smudger brush to smudge out the bottom lash.

Adding dark brown to the bottom lash and smoking that out. Eyes are finally done.

Now it’s time for lips. 

Starting off with my Johnsons Baby Lotion all over my lips. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MOISTURISE YOUR LIPS. I used an unbranded lip liner & Nyx Liquid Suede in Sandstorm. 

Lol THAT face lining my bottom lip is unreal. I then go round cleaning up my lips with the excess concealer of my “carving” brush. Then reline your motherfucking lips.


I hope you liked this blog, not going to lie it took so long to write but I love doing this. Some of these pictures were so ugly, but it’s ok. Everyone is ugly at some point x

Can I say my makeup is slaying? Bc it is.

I literally was out of the house for 2 hours – but a full face was necessary. Got some stares. You win some, you lose some. Did I spell lose right? Lol

I hope you have an amazing rest of the day.

Thanks for reading,



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