“Out out” simple step by step eye LOOK

Hello you,

So I screenshotted this maybe around 3 months ago – think on Twitter. So I finally got round to trying it out but with my own twist obviously.

Back to with another step by step because I always get so many messages asking me to do them & that they’re easy to follow. So here you go babies, I got you.

Didn’t take a picture of me priming my eyelid but same as always. Maybelline Instant age Rewind Concealer in Light & Maybelline Matte Maker in Ivory/Translucent.

You guys know the drill. RT duo fiber eye brush in Raw Sienna in the crease.

Seen this 500 times or more but hey maybe you just wanna see it again ok, ok.

Red ochre into the crease and blend into crease colour. Forgot to take a picture of this ffs am shit.

Love letter in the outer c of the eye and blend up to the crease.

Get that shit blended boo.

Now we gon’ carve that eyelid out and apply a pretty gold colour. Are you ready?

Loooool whats the face for. Around this much – I didnt go too high because I wanted to see the Red Ochre colour.

Primavera is the pretty gold shade I was taking about. Pop that on top of the concealer.

Blend those edges out girl. 

Bitta Antique Bronze on the edge of the concealer to blend into love letter.

Do you see what I mean? Good I am glad.

I talk to you like you’re actually going to answer my questions & then I answer for you. 

Added WHITE eyeliner. What a fucking LOOK. White eyeliner is my new favourite thing – look at it. LOOK.

These are the lashes I used btw. I’m so in love it isn’t even ok.

Using my Vanity Mirror lighting & THOSE angles lool. Who the fuck do I think I am.

Thanks for reading,



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