Skin Care & Makeup Product Review

Hello you,

Ok so FIRST off, I’m sorry for not posting on Sunday. I’ve literally been so poorly to the point where I have been in bed for 5 days straight – kill me. But moving swiftly on..

Look at me on a roll writing 4 blog posts in advance because 2017 is going to be THE year.

For Christmas I got so much Skin Care & Makeup – not the type of person to do a “what I got for Christmas”. Nothing wrong with them, I love reading other people’s but I’m not going to do one. Ok. Ok. So instead I decided to do a review on a handful of the products I got.

Mario Badescu – Facial Spray.

THIS IS THE SHITTT. Honestly feels so refreshing, smells like angels. I usually spray this before my primer & after my powder to sink it into my skin. But sometimes I’ll grab for it even if I’m just on my contour. Would definitely recommend, I plan on investing into more of Badescu’s skin care because the reviews I’ve read are great. And so is this.

PIXNOR – 7 in 1 Beauty care Massager

I’ve wanted a Facial Brush for so long now and this one was only around £9 on Amazon I think! It’s so so good. I’ve only used 3 on the 7 brush heads but honestly it’s insane. Some of the brush heads might be too harsh for my skin but I’ll try them all out. This is slowly but surely becoming my favourite thing to put my facial wash on with.

Thought I’d just show you the heads it comes with too!

CRYSTAL COLLAGEN- Gold Powder Facial Mask

These Gold Masks are my favourite thing ever – honestly WOW. I felt like I’d had botox when I took this off. So tightening, moisturising & soothing. I’d 100% giving them a try. But be gently because I ripped my first one. They’ve also got gold in them – a small percentage but STILL had me feeling like royalty.


Sticking with masks – this mask is crazy. It deep cleans pores, as it says on the lid. But honestly, it has a scent of lemon in it and smells insane. I only had this on for 5 minutes because it started BURNING my face. Like actually painful. I quickly washed it off because I thought it was irritating my sensitive skin on my cheeks. And the red pigment had dimmed? Like it got rid of some of the redness in my face and my skin was the best it had ever looked. I was shooook. I read the back and it said feeling may be intensified if used straight after a shower- which is what I did so that explains a lot.

Will definitely be using this again – 100% recommend for normal skinned people. Sensitive maybe not so much but this baby is getting rid of my red pigment.

Elf- Makeup Mist & Set.

This isn’t the greatest setting spray – I think because I wear quite a FULL face it doesn’t really skin in and set it all. Does that make sense? However, this is great for spraying after baking to set powder in with the rest of your face. Kind of like an alternative to the Mac Fix+ but not on the same level. Definitely would repurchase just not as a setting spray.

Elizabeth Arden – 8 Hour All Over Miracle Oil.
As you probably know by now I have an Oily T-zone but had heard good things about this Oil being able to tame the natural oils in my T-zone. And it did just that. I put this on before primer – tiny amount and waited for it to completely dry & my natural skin oil was reduced by atleast half?! MAGIC.

It says it’s an all over use it anywhere oil. When I used it in my hair it made it SO unbelievably greasy – so I won’t be doing that again.

HEALTHY SEXY HAIR – Soy Renewal Oil & Argon Oil.

I think this might have been featured in my skin care routine photo but not in the blog itself.

I use two pumps of this in my wet hair after a shower and since I’ve had blonde highlights put it, it has made my hair feel so luxurious. I use this 3 times a week in my hair just to give my hair a break from constant product.

ARDELL- Spooky Lashes Mesmerising.

One of the best pair of lashes I’ve ever bought, I can’t. I’m off to buy like 10 packs tomorrow, I need them. Got them in Superdrug they’re INSANE.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème, 19 Covet.
THIS Liquid Lipstick DOES NOT come off. I had this on for NYE and only had the reapply the place where my straw sat on my lip twice??????? Nah. I want every single colour, they’re unreal.

And that’s a wrap for the worlds longest blog post. If you made it this far then GO you. I like a varied length in blog posts so mine will always be short and then long. 

Thanks for reading,



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