How to get another use out of battered Falsies

Hello you,

We’ve all been there. Going to grab your fake eyelashes and they’re fucked because you’ve worn them too much & they’re covered in eyeliner and mascara.

Disclaimer: I personally wouldn’t recommend using lashes for everyday use for more than 2 weeks. But you do you. Don’t come running to me if you get a nasty eye infection – I warned you.

Eyelashes under a microscope are dirty, gross & bacteria infested. So if like me you wear eyelashes pretty much everytime you leave the house – new pair every 2 weeks.

So lets get into it..

SURPRISINGLY these are the same lashes but the one of the left is after I’ve cleaned it and the one on the right is 4 days of constant use – gross right.

Take a MAKEUP wipe, not a baby wipe. MAKEUP. And your eyelash in your fingers. Your fingers will get covered in black – but got to be done.

Drag the eyelash gently along the makeup wipe to get as much of the black off as you can. 

Then hold the makeup wipe with your eyelash inside it (as shown in the picture) and gently pull the lash out, using your nails under the makeup wipe to scratch and pull at each lash. Repeat this for the whole lash.

So gross but sometimes the glue stays on the lash when you pull them off – YOU SHOULD REMOVE THIS EVERY TIME AFTER YOU TAKE THEM OFF. I purposely left it on for this blog post but the glue pulls off the lining of the lash & when it does wipe that too.

And there you go! I usually keep lashes for 2..3 weeks if I’m not wearing them everyday. And clean them after 3/4 uses. But hey, if you only wear them on special occasions & look after them – I’ve had falsies for 2 months before!
For me this works. It ensures my lashes don’t get too claggy & my eyes don’t get infected.

I’ve got so many new looks planned & you aren’t ready.

Thanks for reading,



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