A Short New Year Post

Hello you,

WOOOOO! Its 2017!

Slightly intoxicated writing this so don’t worry I’ll be joining the hangover crew tomorrow, no doubt.

I honestly don’t know why I’ve got no DECENT pictures of my makeup. Probably because I finished work at 8pm & had to rush getting ready.

But I went with a simple smokey eye with a gold “tear drop” underneath & dark lip – living. I only reapplied this lip twice throughout the night – Milani lipsticks are AMAZING.

I used Brown & Black eyeshadows in palettes: ABH Modern Renaissance Salted Caramel Makeup Revolution.

The tear drop is Glam Crystalz in Gold by Collection.

These lashes are UNREAL. Got them from Superdrug in a Pink Packet – they’re Halloween ones lol. Around £5, so in love.

I was going to do a step by step but I’ve done so many and it’s exactly the same as the others, so let me off.

I hope you had a good new year, if not don’t worry, it’s overrated anyway.

2017 is going to be an extremely successful year, I feel it. Take everyday as it comes & live for yourself.

Once again, thank you for the continued support & messages & comments. It warms my ice cold heart.

I apologise for the short Blog Post but it’s 2:38am & I’m not about to write a 3 page essay like normal.

Have a good New Years Day, hopefully not too hungover.

Thanks for reading



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