Simple Christmas Orange Halo Eye

Hello you,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you’re having the best day – I worked my lil ass off and put in over time to ensure you got an easy simple eye look to wear Christmas day. Seen as it came 2nd on the twitter poll, I did a few weeks ago. Please recreate this – I’d love to see yours.

Halo eyes are so pretty and easy, so I knew I was going to create one for you soon. Christmas is the perfect time to slay your motherfucking family with your bomb ass face, so get yourself prepared & lets do this.

As always, you know the drill. Instant age rewind concealer in Light & Matte Maker in Translucent to prime to eye.

My dressing gown is the love of my life & I will forever wear it in my blog posts, deal with it. This is what it looks like – nice & fresh.

These are the 3 palettes I used – Naked 2, Modern Renaissance & Salted Caramel

In & above the crease, window wiper motions with Duo Fiber Crease Brush & Raw Sienna. My Pjs appear in every blog post I swear lol.

Then do your blending.. you know the drill. Lol I know my mirrors covered by a blanket – it’s bad feng shui to have a mirror uncovered when you sleep & I don’t fuck with that shit.

I then started to build up the transition shade into the inner corner & outer corner of my eye avoiding the centre of the lid but tying it together above the crease.

Taking this burnt orange from Salted Caramels palette, same brush. I build up in the same areas even more of an orange burnt shade.

I then blend it all together with my Morphe 505 brush.

Change of brushes & palettes. Realgar in Modern Renaissance & an unbranded ebay fluffy brush.

Looking craaaazy. Get blending little one.

Aw my cute lil 8ft forehead decided to take over – cute. My hair also looks ratchet as fuck but shit happens.

Taking my finger and Verve from my eyelids I dab this onto the centre – be gentle.

Use your blending brush to blend the top & sides of the silver out.

Now same palette taking Half Baked – pop that on top of the silver and blend the top and edges again.

Like so – I personally think Lashes MAKE an eye look. So I took my Smashbox always sharp kohl eyeliner and lined my tight line & water line. Popped on my lashes – I took a picture of the box for those who always ask what ones I use because I never remember the name.

I then went over with Maybelline Master Ink Matte Liquid Liner in Black over where my eyelashes attach to the lid. To help blend that shit in.

I then completed the rest of my face & run Realgar underneath my lash line, added Collection’s Gold Glam Crystalz on the centre, dripping down & popped on Benefit They’re real mascara to top & bottom lashes. Added Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights under the brow & on the inner corner.


That is is..

This look would go with ANY lip – brown, purple, pink, nude, red. Any.

Love Orange on brown eyes – idk there’s just something about it.

I hope you’re having the most amazing Christmas day – thanks for taking the time to read this post.

So much love,



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