Get Unready with Me

Hello you,

Sorry it’s two days late, I’m so poorly I just haven’t been wearing makeup to show you how and what I use to remove it! Forgive me – but look at it this way. Friday & Sunday Blog post to read?! I know you can’t be angry at that.

Another blog post but this time on how I take my Makeup off & my skincare routine. All the products shown above aren’t used every single day because girl my skin needs a breather from exfoliater.

Here’s a picture of me with ratchet eyeliner from taking off my fake eyelashes and patchy makeup (I’d only had it on for 2 hours to go christmas shopping but your girl was rushing around & didn’t use setting spray)

So I usually take my Makeup off with makeup wipes – Johnson’s & Simple are my favourite just because they’re a bit juicy. Does that make sense? Like the makeup wipe itself is a little bit juicy and I like that.

Tie your hair up like a ratchet ass crazy bitch or it’s going to get product in it. Ok you good? Ok good. My hair looks sooo blonde here, yaaas.

Usually use 2 makeup wipes – one to take off the majority and the next to ensure I’ve got it all off as well as I possibly can. Lol look at my dirty ass wipes – why he fuck did I take a photo of that.

I then go to the sink and grab Facial Wash, onto wet skin, rub in with fingers – leave it on for 2 minutes & wash off with warm water.

This thing is the bommmb – I have an Oily T-zone and this is the shit for that. I use this maybe 3 times a week especially in summer months. In winter maybe twice or once a week. 

This is just a picture of me doing my thang. Using my Garnier Exfo Brush to get them dead skin cells off – if you think about it skin is minging. Don’t come for my elf ears.

This is usually bright white… DON’T JUST USE A MAKEUP WIPE BITCH IT DONT WORK.

This is another facial exfoliater that I occasionally use. Not as bomb as the garnier one but still good.

Then once I’ve rinsed that off with cold water. I use my Garnier Micellar water and a cotton pad to take off any excess dirt the exfoliater has brought up.

This is usually a 2 times a month thing but this mask is amazing. Smells soo good & makes my skin feel so tight too. I popped it in here because that’s the stage I would put it on – but this time we didn’t.

My holy grail moisturisers, as well as the Garnier Age Rewind Red Moisturiser bc that’s bomb too. Pop both of these on all over the face. Usually Olay first.

My eyes in winter get soo dry & crack. So I use these eye rejuvinators to ensure my eyes don’t look gross.

For my lips I use the Nivea Lip Balm, the blue one.

And that is it, as requested 3rd on my Twitter poll. Please LIKE this blog post & comment below any queries.

My next post is a simple Christmas Look – so stay tuned on Sunday. Something to read whilst you’ve opened your presents and Christmas dinner is cooking.. we’ve all been there.

I hope you have the most amazing Christmas – thank you for following & being a part of my makeup journey so far.

Thanks for reading,



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