Learn how to achieve a SNATCHED Cut Crease

Hello you,

Oh my god so firstly lets address the elephant in the room.. WHY DIDN’T YOU POST WEDNESDAY?! Not going to pull out some bullshit excuse – I just didn’t feel like it this week. Ok sorry.

Anyway, as voted by you on Twitter (Follow me atkinsonchloe_), I’ve come through with this beautiful Faded Red Cut Crease – perfect for Christmas too.

All requests for future blog posts & makeup advice – tweet me! I’m going to start doing a poll a month of 4 different blog post options so get involved.

Now lets get into it..

Done my brows, carved my eyebrows out & placed on the Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Light and the Maybelline Matte Maker over the top.

Fuck sake I’m sorry – the towel only appears in the next 2 pictures. This is my designated hair towel because girl my hair MALTS. Lets also adress the fact I’m in a Mickie Mouse onesie – ok.

This is what your base should look like. Btw- I’ve started doing my brows in a different routine and I am living for it. Might not be able to see that well in this picture but yaaas. Still growing them out though.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette was used for this entire look.

YOU KNOW I took my Duo Fiber RT eye brush & Raw Sienna in the crease. Window wiping motions, above & out guys. Above and out.

Pencil brush into Red Ochre – don’t worry about the neatness of it at all.

BLENDDDDDDDD. UP AND OUTWARDS GIRL/BOY. Looks a lil crazy ik, I got you don’t stress.

So now using the Revlon Color Stay Concealer in 01 Fair & a flat panel brush. I’m going to carve my eyelid out & set it with some Translucent Powder by Airspun.

And set..

All blending is done with a Morphe 505 – just saying you need it. Brush off excess powder and tighten up that red line. Be careful.

I then added the Collection 200 Glam Crystalz in Gold just inbetween the crease. Used Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner for my wing, They’re Real Benefit Mascara & The extreme green lashes from Superdrug. Lining my waterline & tightline with Smashbox pencil eyeliner. You can also go back in with red Ochre on a flat panel brush and carefully reline the cut of the crease if you like.

I then finished my face & went back smoking out the bottom lash line with Red Ochre & adding mascara.

How easy is that? Honestly, give it a go. Practice makes perfect.

I have also been wanting to start a Youtube for over a year now – but wanted to get into a place where I felt my makeup was at a good enough standard. I’m still figuring things out but is that something you’d be interested in watching? If you already watch Makeup Tutorials, please complete my 2 minute survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N2FMVVL

Thank you for reading.



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