My Go To Makeup Inspirations

Hello you,

Guess who’s back, back again..

Everyone has days where they feel uninspired. Shock, so do I! So when I’m feeling uninspired I go onto Youtube/Instagram/Twitter and I look through the profiles/videos of those who inspire me. 

I thought I’d share these people with you, for the simple fact that all of them are lovely people & slay the fuck out of makeup. They deserve more credit than some of the “known” people within makeup, in my opinion. I have only chosen a few – because realistically I am Inspired by over 400 different muas/mues.

Lets get on with it..

1 – Holly Boon

This girl is honestly sensational. She always slays every single look she puts on her face. She is absolutely beautiful & so down to earth. Ensuring she always replies to her fans. Her YT videos are so good and whenever I want inspirations she’s one of the first people I look at. She follows me on Twitter anyways so we’re practically friends.

2- Skye Asiyanbi

YESSS. This girl is honestly the person I turn to for “out there” looks like this. She fucking kills them all. She’s stunning & funny as fuck. Seriously go follow her on Instagram. Keeps me Inspired on the most uninspiring shit days. Unreal.

3- James Charles

The first male Cover Girl I believe. What a fucking inspiration, honestly kills every look he creates & I am dying for him to paint my face. So funny & seems so down to earth and lovely. Younger than me but look up to him – such an inspiration.

4- Tiyaji Paris Heelton

Certified MUA & one of the first muas work I fell in love with. Fierce as fuck & a business woman. Slays every single clients face to the highest possible standard. Always looks impeccable. So much love.

5- Blanca Evette

Originally found this girl on YT and I am so glad I did. Her makeup tutorials are of such a high quality & her makeup room is my goal in every way, shape & form. So cute & nice. Inspiring makeup looks for sure.

6- Laura Hilton

Ok so, I am dying to get my face done by this girl. On a 1-1 and when I have the money I will be doing just that. I feel like I know her personally, just from following her on Instagram & Twitter – her face and body is to die for. Her makeup is next level & her clients always look unreal. She is the first MUA that I followed & the one that made me fall even further in love with makeup.

I have so many more Makeup Inspirations but these 6 are my day ones. Imagine if this was my squad – holy fuck. IMAGINE. 

Thank you for reading, I hope they inspire you as much as they do me.

And remember everyone has bad days, just gotta find your own pick me up.

Have a nice Sunday!



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