My Holy Grail Eye Makeup Brushes!

Hello you,

Welcome back once again. I’m really getting the hang of this shit. I thought I’d do something a little different & share with you my favourite eye brushes that I use in probably every single eye look I do. This is like exclusive shit this. Lets get on with it..

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) RT Duo- Fiber eye brush ; RT Aorrea Shadow Brush ; Morphe MB18 ;  RT Deluxe Crease Brush.

My favourite brushes to put colour on with, ofc if you saw my latest post you know the RT Duo Fiber is my favourite for putting product in the crease. The other 3 brushes are just my favourite for really packing on colour/pigments & I would honestly be lost without any of the 4 of them. 

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Brush ; Morphe 505.

My two FAVOURITE EVER blending brushes. Honestly if you haven’t got the Morphe 505 – you’re fucking missing out. It’s honestly the best. The ABH one came with the Modern Renaissance palette & has two sides. However, I just use the side shown to blend out the crease colour.

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette brush ; Morphe M165.

UD brush is perfect for cleaning up brows, the flat side to cut those brows clean & the fluffier side to blend in the concealer. Morphe M165 is my favourite eyeliner brush so far – Its brissels are combacked meaning your eyeliner doesn’t go anywhere other than the place you apply it to. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) 2 Unbranded brushes off Ebay ; Ruby & Millie Eye Brush.

Love these to pack darker colours onto the lid, like the outer corner of the eye. The R&M brush is perfect for cut crease lines too.

The one and only brush I will ever use to put highlighter on my eye inner corner. Just the perfect size, picks up colour well. Proper in love – the only one I’ve found that actually puts the colour onto the inner corner without having to build it up loads.

That my friends, is it.

Those are my favourite eye brushes – used throughout every eye look I’ve ever created. Obviously I use more than just those as I like to mix it up, but these stand as firm favourites.

Thank you for reading.



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