Step by Step Eye Look : Brown Smokes with a Hint of Gold

Hello you,

Yes I am here as promised with an eye look step by step – you proud? I actually have pre-done 2 other blog posts for future posts! I am organised. 

I got so much good feedback from the other step by step look I did (go check that out) & also on the look I’m about to show you today! So lets get into it..

Grabbed the Maybelline fit me concealer in 15 & the maybelline matte maker in Translucent to PRIME the eye – this shit is essential so go do it.

Lets just pretend I dont have a towel on my head from getting out the shower – it’ll feature throughout lol. Sorry I’m a mess. But yeah should look nice, clean, matte & ready for colour.

The two palettes I used to create this look : ABH Modern Renaissance Palette & Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Palette.

I used the ABH palette in shade Raw Sienna in my crease & just above. Window wiper motions but also at the corner of the eye pulling it into also a semi circle. (Brushes used will feature at the end!)

I then took the Makeup Revolution’s Salted Caramel Palette & used the bottom brown shade, two in from the left. To begin building up the brown smokey eye.

Why do eyebrows look so crazy when you don’t have foundation on? Also my skin is horrible right now – ignore that.

I then took the darkest brown in the palette mixed with a hint of black? Focusing on the outta corner of the eye

Then using the first brown used in the Makeup Revolution’s Palette, I packed that onto the lid.

Then blended like a mother fucker. Upwards & Outwards.

These are the 4 brushes used to create this look.

The White brush (Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush) is my crease brush & I used this for the first 2 colours I put onto the eye. The Black brush (Morphe 505) is my holy grail blending brush. The Purple brush (Real Techniques aorrea shadow brush) was used for the black & dark brown. The Silver brush ( Ruby & Millie eye brush) was used to pack on the brown all over the lid.

I then completely forgot to take a picture of the look with eyelashes on? I am a dickhead. So after this step, I did my face & once finished, I grabbed makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights for the inner corner & the lip highlight.

This is me pulling “when bae says something stupid” faces but yeah this is the finished look – I also got a lot of comments on my lips. Would you want a step by step? If yes. Please let me know by commenting, messaging me or get me on any social media.

Thank you for reading.



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