Review of Restocked Products & New Products

Hello you,

Yes don’t worry I plan on doing another step by step eye look – had so much love from the other one I posted. So stay tuned for that.

The Sunday just gone I decided to purchase some Makeup, two of the items were restocks & two were new products.

Here are my thoughts..


I personally think this is such a good concealer if you have trouble covering your under eye bags. However it creases. So get your wet beauty blender, a lighter weight concealer and setting powder ready when you put this on – otherwise it’s crease city for you. Which ain’t the best of looks. Also good to cover blemishes or redness, which I have A LOT of.

The only thing I got so confused with is this has such a pink undertone when it dries, I tried to take a picture but my phone camera ain’t fab.

So obviously on the right is the swatch when first applied to the skin and the left is a swatch rubbed in gently and dried – pink huh? And you know I do not have a pink undertone despite what it may look like in this photo.

Rating – 5/10 – would repurchase in Fair.


Aw my two little babies – I love NYX too much.

So the Dewy Finish setting spray is one I turn to so much even though Urban Decay is my proper number 1 – your girl doesn’t have money. It is so good, keeps the paint on all day which is it’s job. I also believe it is cruelty free ( do not hold me to that) which is perfect as I am trying my hardest to get rid of cruelty brands. SAVE THE ANIMALS FOR FUCK SAKE.

The Matte finish I had not used before but fucking hell I think I love it more than the Dewy one. It literally sends a Matte shield over your face and THAT is what us oily t-zoned bitches need, just saying.

Please dont drench your face- ARMS LENGTH BITCH 🙂

Dewy rating: 8/10 & Matte rating: 9/10


Yeah I know what you’re thinking. DARK?! Ok I didn’t even mean to buy this, I was rushing though it was a Brow Kit. Can imagine how pissed I was when I got home to NO BROW PRODUCTS. But I do love a dark contour and it isn’t actually THAT dark which got my thinking – what fucked up shades Sleek have. The highlighter is a copper colour & like always the pay off is fab. I wouldn’t repurchase for the simple fact I don’t like the highlighter for the cheeks – more of an inner corner one.

Rating: 6/10 – learn my lesson, check everything before you purchase. Don’t be a dick, don’t be me.


My little angel. I prefer this to the ABH Dipbrow, yeah. I went there. This time I went for Dark on purpose because I LOVE BIG BUSHY DARK BROWS OK. We should address that before I have more people coming at me saying “your eyebrows are big” oh fuck really? no shit. I really didn’t know. I am so in love with this wax, and this powder is actually perfect unlike the powder in the Medium which is ginger? Got me all the way fucked up. 

Rating: 9/10

I am so sorry for the obscene amount of language – reading back I am still next level after taking the majority of it out ha ha ha. Sorry kids. Stay in school.

Thank you for reading – you can expect more reviews coming up soon.

Ps, fuck Donald Trump.

Any requests? Comment below as always.



2 thoughts on “Review of Restocked Products & New Products

  1. The sleek brow kit is my absolute holy grail, I’ve been using it for like 3 years and I cant see anything else matching it. I use dark too even with blonde hair but I feel like its the best undertone, like you say medium is a reddy undertone?! Also the collection concealer in fair is amazing!!! will deffos look into repurchasing the nyx matte setting spray, I think I got a bad one but if you’re saying its amazing, I trust you gal!! love your blog babe, keep it up you’re doing amazing, so proud of you!!! Sorry for the big ass comment haha! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its amazing isn’t it!! Even the ABH isn’t level with it in my opinion. Need to purchase in fair for sure! The medium is too good for covering spots. Honestly do, you might have got a weird batch! Thank you so so much, means a lot. Hahaha nah dont be love a bit of feedback. Lots of love xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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