Brown Smokey Golden eye with Matching Lip (NO EYELINER)

Hello you,

So this is a BIG deal.. Rocking the NO EYELINER look. Naaah, didn’t think I’d see the day, did you? 

I’m a passionate eyeliner fan, all about the wing. But I thought I’d go full speed ahead and throw lashes in there & what a LOOK.

Please ignore my gross nails.. I’m growing them. Also ignore my shower hair, pjama top & my face – my life’s a mess ok.

I am in LOVVE with this lip. Who the fuck needs lip injections? Save your money gal… No but honestly do whatever the fuck you want. So this lip combo is an unbranded nudey brown lip pencil, overlined ( see Kylie Jenner Blog post). Nyx Liquid Suede Lip Creme in Sandstorm & Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. Can we all just take a second. How beaut.

This is such a bronzey cool toned look – I honestly love it. Why’s the lighting making my face look a different shade to my neck though? 

I also took a risk and went for an ‘circle’ shape with the eyeshadow – I’m such a risk taker. Fuck. Whats happening to me.

Thought I’d sneak in there that I know it’s Thursday not Sunday but this is what happens when you wing it (not literally because this is a no eyeliner look lol) & it turns out good. Waiting for my chicken to defrost because I’m cooking curry for my mum and dad. I’m vegetarian so I just KNOW I’m gonna throw up when cutting it up. But that has fuck all to do with makeup so moving on.

I’m actually going to do a step by step post on how to create this look – tell me what colour you’d want to see by commenting!

Thank you for reading.



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