Hello you,

New blog post which means IT’S SUNDAY. Sorry if I scared you, this is by far the creepiest thing I’ve ever created – I love it.

Here’s hoping you had a good night out last night and you’re not too hungover – even if you are, get some paracetamol & water. You’ll be sound, I promise.

If you haven’t seen the purge I’ve included the picture of the mask that is used in the film, so you can see where the inspiration came from. Also such a good film, go watch them all.

So for this look I used the Snazeroo SFX wax and put it over my eyebrows to try and cover them up because they’re so bushy lool. But yeah as you can see the foundation I used didn’t really cover it which is annoying as fuck. We learn from our mistakes though so swiftly moving along. I used the Ben Nye Matte foundation palette in Olive Tan to seperate my body from the “mask”. 

The lips were my biggest issue & they could of turned out so much better but oh well. I used an unbranded lip liner in a pinky nude and overlined the lips adding rockateur blush by benefit on top. I used the Nyx white jumbo pencil on the bottom lip to look like teeth, adding grey eyeshadow for teeth and drew a new bottom lip underneath my bottom lip.. does that make sense? 

This look took about 2 hours but I’ve had such good feedback that it was so worth it – even if I am a drainer and have zero exciting plans for Halloween.

Thank you for reading – have a go at recreating I found it so much fun. Make sure you tag me!



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