THE eye look to end all eye looks – step by step

Hello you,

Mid-week blog post for you all, the eye look from the previous post step by step, as promised. Not one to break promises.

If you do create this look PLEASE tag me, I’d love to see it and I’ll repost you.

FIRST things first, make sure you’ve moisturised – whether you’re dry or oily, GO moisturise.

Next is priming your eye lid – I personally use a Revlon colour stay concealer in colour Fair. I use a beauty blender to work this onto the eye lid and I then use the beauty blender and pack on the Maybelline Matte Maker powder in colour Translucent. This stop creases, red lines & veins showing through in your eyeshadow. Priming is so important, with everything you do, I CAN NOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH.

Ignore my GROSS skin & shit camera quality but yeah should look something like this.

I used the Modern Renaissance by ABH, and the brushes below – pink brushes are from a set off ebay. Morphe brush M505 and Real Techniques duo fiber eye brush.

In the crease I used the RT brush as always and used Golden Ochre & Tempera. Window wiper motions and blend inbetween with the Morphe brush.

Dressing Gown appreciaton – is there anything better.. the answer is no.

As you can see it’s got a bit of colour and life to the lid now. All blended and looking nice and neutral.

Now using Love Letter in the Modern Renaissance palette. I have pushed the colour in the crease and blended upwards and outwards to give a blown out OTT look- doesn’t have to be neat. This is all using the bottom pink brush thats fluffy but flat and grab a lot of the love letter product and pack it just above the crease, then use the Morphe brush to blend outwards.. am i even making sense? Are you with me? Lol probs not.

Now taking the colour Liquorice from the Makeup Revolution’s Salted Caramel Palette, put that into & just above the crease with a small fine tip brush and draw a line like so…

Yeah I know, little bit crazy but this is where we BLEND to fuck. Don’t stress, you got this. Take the Morphe brush with a bit of the colour love letter on and blend up and out.

Until it looks like this, lol bless my big 7head. No lines, all pretty blended and one colour folds into another.

The fun part – glitter. So I used the Collection Glam Crystals in Silver. Definitely would recommend this for anyone who loves glitter but can’t deal with the loose pigment glitter. I love this, holy grail product. Look at my skin, so red pigmented – feel sorry for me.

Then throw your eyeliner on, if you want a tutorial on how to get your wing sharp AF, comment below. Coming together int it.

Then do the rest of your face, currently baking in the photo – let me live. Once under eye has been concealed. Take love letter and smoke it under the eye adding mascara, I used the They’re Real by Benefit, adding it to the top & bottom lashes. Add Fake lashes if you’re feeling it – I didn’t get a photo with mine on because I’m a dick.

That Glow though. This is the finished look. I know I need my brows doing – I’m growing them out, don’t worry I know girl I know.

If you have any requests – Comment below for me as I’d love to help.

If you made it this far – you’re an angel. I don’t know if I explained that very well but you get the jist. Please tag my social media accounts if you recreate it, I’d love to repost you.

Thank you x


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