Halloween LOOK

To create this look I used:

  • Snazeroo SFX starter kit (all of the products included)
  • Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Palette (Shade Black – Liquorice)
  • ABH Modern Renaissance Palette (Love Letter & Golden Ochre & Cyprus Umber)
  • Maybelline Ink Matte Liquid eyeliner
  • Collection Glam Crystals – Silver
  • Kat Von D Foundation – Light 44
  • Sleek Contour & Highlight Palette
  • Primark 32 eye colour Palette (Greens & Blues)

Hello you,

It’s SUNDAY! Look at me having content to post and being on time again. I just know you’re so proud.

So first of all, I have been wanting to do a creepy halloween look but got put off when everyone’s looked so fucking good. But I thought fuck it, I’m not 100% happy but I never will be. I went for an underskin rotting gross look that is my real skin & the makeup is covering that up.. tbf I think it works.

But also how cute does my eye makeup look on the better side of my face? I’m well going to be doing a step by step on this look so stay tuned!

I’m also wanting to start reviewing products, so if anyone has any products (makeup or skin care) that they don’t want to buy but want an honest review then comment below.

Add me on Snapchat : atkinsonLchloe , as I’m thinking of doing snapchat makeup tutorials on there. Any looks you can’t do? Comment and let me know.
Thank you x


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