Kylie Jenner Lips

Hello you,

I do realise it’s not Sunday (which is my decided day for new blog posts) however, I have a lot of content from previous makeup looks that I want to include on my blog. So I’m probably going to be posting most days.. until I run out of content (don’t hold me to that).

Everybody knows the trend that is overlining your lips – something I am a fan of, I must add.

A lot of people have asked me how I over line my lips after seeing my instagram post, so here I am to save all of you who like this look. But don’t want to look ridiculous:

  • Firstly, take a lip liner that matches the colour of your natural lips.
  • Line the Cupid’s Bow and take the pencil and over line from the top of the lip to the side of the mouth in a small-ish semi circle (do this on both sides).
  • Start at the side of the mouth and pull your bottom lip to touch your teeth (you will look stupid but that’s ok).
  • Follow the natural shape of the bottom lip but mm’s away from where the lip starts.
  • Once happy, take your finger and pull all lip liner product towards the mouth to smudge it out as if you haven’t lined it.
  • Vaseline your lips and then take your lipstick on a brush and begin to fill in, up to the line where you’ve over filled.
  • Leave to set and dry, (was going to suggest getting yourself some cereal but noooooo you’ll fuck up those lips bc we ain’t done) then take more lip product and apply to areas you know are overlined.
  • Clean up with a clean small angled brush and the foundation you’re wearing (nobody wants floating lips). Vaseline over the top, ALWAYS.

Wallah!! Overlined lips with no lip injections – if you’d like a tutorial on overlining or have any further questions, please comment below.

Have fun Kylie JenneršŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading x



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