My First Blog Post

Hello you,

First things first, thank you for taking the time out of your day to come onto my blog and check things out.

I’ve decided I’m going to bring out new blog posts every Sunday – which primarily will be step by step looks. I have also started posting Wednesdays – just doing random makeup related things.

The picture featured above was my first set up for a friends makeup early this year. So, although the collection has grown since then, it was a milestone moment for myself.

I have decided to write a makeup blog as I want to get my makeup and name out into the world, the dream is to be a qualified freelance MUA. I’ve recently certified with QUA MAKEUP ACADEMY. There is NO feeling better than knowing you’ve made someone feel confident and beautiful, just by applying makeup to their face.

For ALL enquiries, please see the drop down menu & then the contact page. 

Thank you x

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: ATKINSONLCHLOE


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